About Villavicencio

Handwoven Ecuadorian Panama Hats

Villavicencio Design is a family business, who started our adventure in 2019 as an Ecuadorian brand supporting national handmade products. 

We strongly believe that in every Villavicencio Design product, we are sharing an intangible cultural value, a family heritage from the Ecuadorian Amazon and coastal areas to the world.

Our mission is to enhance the local development in Andean rural communities located in Azuay province, providing to our artisans a sustainable and fair-trade business all year around.

Villavicencio Design
Our products

All of our products are 100% handwoven in Ecuador from the finest fibers from a palm tree called “Carludovica Palmata”, locally known as Paja Toquilla, a sustainably- harvested, renewable resource. 

The art of weaving a hat can take from six days to five months, depending on the quality and finesse of the product. Toquilla straw hats got popular and world-renowned as Panama Hat due to the construction of the Panama Channel. The hats were used as sun protector accessory due to the finest qualities of the Cardulovica Palmata who offer freshness on sunny days. 

 Toquilla Straw Hat is recognized by UNESCO in 2012 as Ecuadorian Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.